Why Brian is God

"He is at once primal, virile and predatory. His libido is a potent, often threatening force... He is not generally... a tender and compassionate guy. That's why it is so thrilling when the writing allows us to see the side of Brian that he generally represses; when his aggressive spirit backs off ever so slightly to reveal a shimmer of his soul... Like early Brando or James Dean, he is electrically charged even in repose... Brian is aware of his body and comfortable in his own skin even when he finds himself in an uncomfortable spot. Brian walks into a room and commands attention with the simple lift of an eyebrow. He OWNS the place. When he leaves, he takes all of the oxygen with him...It isn't just about his lips or his eyes, despite the feelings of eroticism they evoke. It's not just about the way he moves, or speaks, or how he makes you weak in the knees when he cocks his head a certain way. It's about being a heartbeat away from the sheer intensity of his next action or reaction, whether it's right or wrong..."

-- Heather