Welcome to No Apologies, the one and only approved fanlisting for Brian Kinney of Queer As Folk: intelligent, aggressive, unapologetic. Drenched in sexuality and charm, he is every gay man's fantasy. Hell, he is every straight woman's fantasy.

I had never been so hypnotized by a television character before I was introduced to Brian Kinney. The depth and evolution of this character has captivated an audience for three seasons.

Brian is sex. He is fantasy. But he is also real and complex. And although Brian is unapologetic and always straight-forward, there is no questioning whether or not he has a heart. This is one of the reasons his character is so entrancing: we wait so patiently for that one shining moment where Brian reveals a little heart, and when he does, the scene is forever imprinted in our minds.

I agree with Daniel Lipman who refers to Brian as "moral." Not only does Brian always end up doing the right thing, but he is completely nobel about it. How often do we see Brian taking credit for his good deeds? He prefers to go uncredited, perhaps to protect his reputation as "a heartless shit," but nonetheless. Brian does what he wants. He does not conform to societal expectations and continues to live by what he believes in, regardless of the repercussions. This is one of his most admirable qualities.

Every relationship Brian has on the show acts as a foil to his mysterious persona. It almost feels as if the complexity to this character will never fully be discovered, and I suppose that is part of the thrill. Not only that, but I highly doubt this character could ever be replicated in any way. Brian Kinney is a unique creation, and in my eyes, no other character will ever be able to live up to him.

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