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Interested in testing your Brian Kinney knowledge? Guess what scene the above episode is and be listed as a winner below! You will not be e-mailed after you submit, but check back for your name each month.



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Challenge 4 Winners
Jennifer, Katy, Erika, Lisa, Stephanie, Chexy, Alicia, Ophelia, Saturn, Kerry, Rei, Christina, Mom

Challenge 3 Winners
Jennifer, Tami, Maria, Cristi, Shelly, Jenny, Tracy, Chexy, Weera, Rebecca, Ade, Neene, Kathryn, Jenna, Ally, Louise, Lisa

Challenge 2 Winners
Cat, Jo, Lena, Anne, Toni, Jill, Nina, Tali, Robyn, Gray, Christina, Lyndsey, Jennifer, Linda, Jennifer

Challenge 1 Winners
Nina, Charisma, Christa, Beth, Alicia, Tali, Aimee, Megan, Marie, Cristi, Alicia