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Challenge 4 Winners
JenR, Catherine, Shez, Friday, Charlotte, Kerry, Catherine, Pride, Jennifer, Sachi, Erika, Christina, Meghann, Rachael, Chexy, Meghan, Alicia, Lori, Colleen, Dawn, Leah, Tifani, Carter, Saturn, Elena, Laura, Jen, Dani, Nikka, Nicole, Ally, Dida, Nicole, Marie-Ange, Mikela, Greens, Ashley, Rose, Megan, Amy, Stacy, Amelia, Mikey, Amalthea, Jammie, Alicia, Rachael, Ashlee, Arashi, Erin, Victoria, Sofia, Flavia, Tammy, Lisa, Mom, Phoenix, Kyrah, Emily, Nichole

Challenge 3 Winners
Jennifer, BK, Nicole, Gena, Reina, Maria, Nadia, Elaine, Lindsay, Tracy, Melissa, Chexy, Weera, Amanda, Glenda, Fara, Elisheva, Lamia, Colleen, Jamie, Amanda

Challenge 2 Winners
Gray, Colleen, Lisa, Mara, Nancy, Christina, Lyndsey, Marie, Harlequinfay, Shannon, Katie, Donna, Cat, Steph, Jennifer, Stephanie, Tali, Christa, Robyn, Erin, Toni, Linda, Jennifer

Challenge 1 Winners
Nina, Charisma, Tali, Marie, Cristi