On Gale

"Gale: Brilliant, enigmatic, screwy."
-- Scott Lowell when asked to use three adjectives to describe the QAF cast members

"Gale is, he's just gorgeous, you know! What can I say? He's a gorgeous man, inside and out. I always look forward to working with him on my scenes, because there is a receptivity to him that is so complete, and wholesome. He has a real wholesome nature about life. He's very down to earth, and that's what I think makes him so attractive, because he just really stands on his own two feet, and lets the world come to him, and he will give back to the world. He has a real sort of give and take philosophy about life, and I think that makes him a terrific and deep actor."
-- Thea Gill

"When we met him, Brian and Gale just fused. Gale has such sexuality as a person that it's kind of daunting. How many people could be as open or fluid and bring that to a character? It doesn't have anything to do with being gay or straight."
-- Daniel Lipman, Executive Producer, TV Guide

"Gale Harold is the best shot we have in the future for onscreen brilliance!"
-- Leanne Campbell

"[Gale] does things because he wants to, not because he feels obligated. If he doesn't feel like showing up someplace, he just won't show up. But on the last day of shooting, he brought flowers for everyone. And when I broke up with my boyfriend and I couldn't quit crying, he just held me. He's a gentle, enigmatic and aloof spirit."
-- Michelle Clunie, TV Guide

"We kept pushing back the shooting date, and people were getting tense. But when Mr. Gale Harold walked in, Ron and I looked at each other and absolutely knew. He had a certain kind of cockiness. But he's very, very charming underneath all that. He has his own direction and agenda. There's no bullshit with him."
-- Daniel Lipman, TV Guide

"Someone who looks like him, it's hard to be that angry with."
-- Randy Harrison, TV Guide

"He's breaking new ground for bringing sexuality to a performance, and not just gay sexuality. I don't think any other actor has ever done what he's doing. I think it's kind of historic."
-- Ron Cowan, TV Guide

"Gale is a committed and talented actor, not just a pretty face."
-- John Philbrick, Gale's co-star in Wake